Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big News! E-Book Price Reductions!

If you have ever stayed awake long enough to read through any of my books: THANK YOU!

If you've read one or two of them, and wondered if any of the others are any good, well.... now is your chance to explore.

Big News...
Major Pricing Discounts on my E-Books!

Major Discounts will be applied starting this week.  Amazon has to process the price changes, so they may not be posted for another 24-48 hours (from today: July 24, 2013).

If you still see the "Old Price" posted on the Amazon product page, refresh the web page or come back to it until you see the updated prices.

The new prices are shown below.  Read the Q & A below for more information...

Amazon Kindle Publication Old Price (USD) New Price (USD) Discount

Grinding Gears: The Art of Software Repackaging and Deployment

Packaging, Testing, Deploying, Uninstalling and Upgrading Software Applications on the Windows platform.  Also covers Configuration Manager, Scripting, Group Policy, and more!
$6.99 $5.99 15%

Why Your Next IT Project Will Fail (and What You Can Do to Avoid It)

Why do Projects fail? More specifically: Why do IT Projects fail? Is there a common thread or pattern that exists among failed IT Projects? Is it predominantly a failure of technology; of people; or a failure of both? Are there warning signs that make it easy to spot the causes before they become problems, with sufficient time to correct them? Are there steps that can be taken to correct the problem once it's begun? Are there strategies that can help prevent these potential issues from occurring again?
$4.99 $2.99 40%

The Visual LISP Developer's Bible: 2011 Edition

Developing, Testing and Compiling VLISP code for AutoCAD 2011.  VLIDE options as well as tips and tricks.
$7.99 $5.99 25%

The Visual LISP Developer's Bible: 1st Edition

The Original. The e-book that started it all for me. 
$4.99 $2.99 40%

The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible: 2013 Edition

Setting up FlexLM and network licensing. Building, Testing and Deploying Autodesk 2013 products (aka "Deployments"), logs, option files, troubleshooting and more.
$9.99 $7.99 20%

The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible: 2012 Edition

Setting up FlexLM and network licensing. Building, Testing and Deploying Autodesk 2012 products (aka "Deployments"), logs, option files, troubleshooting and more.
$6.99 $4.99 30%

The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible: 2011 Edition

Setting up FlexLM and network licensing. Building, Testing and Deploying Autodesk 2011 products (aka "Deployments"), logs, option files, troubleshooting and more.
$3.99 $2.99 25%

In addition: Some of my e-Books which were not enrolled in the Amazon KDP Select program, are now enrolled! 

Q & A (Questions and Answers)

How Long will this Discount Offer Last?  These prices will remain in effect until August 10, 2013, or roughly 16 days from when the new prices go into effect.  After that, they will be returned to their previous prices.

Do you need a Kindle to read these?  NO.  You can download a FREE Kindle Reader App for almost any mobile device.  You can also read them in almost any web browser using the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader.

You can read these, using a FREE reader app, on your iPhone, iTablet, iPod, Blackberry, Android device, Windows device, and more.

What Locations will see these Discounts?  The new prices will go into effect in all markets in which Amazon applies international currency conversions.  If you live or reside in a location which is not handled by their automated currency conversion process,  you will see whatever discount is applied as a derived translation of the U.S. Dollar value, as best as I can figure out. 

The markets which are covered by their automatic conversion process, as of now,  include: The United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Brazil, and Canada.  For more information, visit the Amazon web site and be sure to drink plenty of caffeine.

What does this "KDP Select" stuff mean?  It means Amazon Prime members can LEND and BORROW those e-books for FREE.  Yes.  For Free!  Ok, well, becoming an Amazon Prime member isn't really "free", but it does give you some pretty darn amazing discounts and cool features you can't get otherwise.

How Many of my e-Books are enrolled in this "KDP Select" program for Amazon Prime members to benefit from?  All of them.  If you find any that are not available for lending and borrowing on Amazon Prime as of July 26, 2013, please post a comment here and let me know!

How do I know which books are written by this same "David M. Stein"?  I've been told there are other "David Stein" authors out there, some with rather interesting tastes in book topics.  Rest assured that I have only written the books you see listed on my Kindle Author's page

Why am I doing this?  It's simple:  I have four kids still living at home, and my car is pretty darn old.  So you can rest assured that while you save money, and stuff your brain with new information, you're also helping a good cause.
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