Saturday, December 1, 2012

Writing for

I may have mentioned it before, but I've accepted an offer to write articles for  So far, I've submitted two multi-part articles:

You may be wondering (all three of you who read my blog) what impact this may have on this blog.  Or maybe that question never crossed your mind.  That's ok, I'll pretend you were wondering about this and I will pretend to address your pretend concerns.  Mmmkay? :)

First, I will continue to post things here on this blog.  Things I find interesting and, hopefully, you find interesting as well.  I will at least shoot for "peculiar" if I can't attain "interesting", but either way, I will do my best to entertain whilst shoveling loads of techno-babble into your eyeballs.

Second, will get first dibs on upcoming topics.  That way I don't create any conflicts with our agreement.  Contracts matter, after all.  Most of what I submit to will be purely technical in nature.  Most of what I post here will be a mix of technical and philosophy, with a pinch of stale humor thrown in.

Third, I really don't have a third.  But I will try to avoid confusing readers and do my best to cross-reference things so it doesn't become a chore to access content on either site.  I hope this works for everyone.  After all, trying to please everyone always works well.

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