Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Windows Software Deployment Support Quiz 101.01.01

Another sample interview quiz.  Have fun.  No Google/Bing/Yahoo cheating...

1. Name the Registry key (path) where "Add or Remove Programs" entries are found on a 32-bit Windows 7 client.

2. Name the Registry path where 32-bit applications shown in "Add or Remove Programs" are found on a Windows 7 64-bit client.

3. Name the actual path most often identified by system variable %AllUsersProfile% on Windows XP as opposed to Windows 7.

4. What are the path differences for where the "All Users" Desktop folder resides on Windows XP as opposed to Windows 7?  Also where the "All Users" Start Menu path is on each.

5. For Windows XP and Windows 7, name the "most common" path for each of the following environment variables:


6. Describe each of the following types of testing:

Installation Testing
Deployment Testing
User Acceptance Testing

7. Describe as many ways as you possibly can to "deploy" a Windows Installer package to Windows 7 computers over an Active Directory domain network, wherein NONE of the end users have administrative rights to install their own applications.  You can include both "free" built-in capabilities included with Windows and Active Directory, as well as commercial products.

8. You need to install "fubar2012.msi" silently on a group of computers over your network, while also specifying a custom input parameter "LicenseKey=123456".  Describe at least two ways you can execute the installation with the custom input parameter.

9. You attempt to install a software product from a CMD console or via a script, but the installation fails with a 1603 or 1619 exit code.  What basic information can you determine from either of those two codes?

10. The product identifier code for each Windows Installer package installed on a particular computer often has a format of {B8AD779A-82DA-4365-A7D0-AD3DCFC55CFF}.   What is this type of identifier most often called?


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