Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun with VMware Updates

Received notice to update my VMware Workstation 8 setup to 8.0.3 build 703057.

I downloaded and installed the update. It didn't require a reboot in the middle as it used to do with 7.x (which is nice).

When finished, I launched it. None of my "Favorites" were shown. I had to re-open all of my stored VM's one by one.

Each one I opened said it couldn't open the VMX because it was in use by another process, even though no virtual machines were powered up (before or after the update).

I rebooted.

Went to open one of my VM's and it said the VMX was not a "valid configuration file" and refused to open it.

I was able to open several other VM's. Each one prompted to update VMware Tools.

I updated VMware Tools in each one, did a VM restart on each, and saved new Base Snapshots for each one.

Total time consumed: 1 hour.

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