Friday, April 20, 2012

The Nicest IT and IT Vendor Folks I Know

I've ranted many times before how it's unfair to "hate" an entire company, without providing a rationale for it based on specific experiences and specific people.  A company, a business, an organization, is simply a group of people.  People are what give it life, character and direction. People are what provide the experience to their customer counterparts.  It's ok to be resentful of specific people who provide poor service, that's just human nature.  But hating an entire company because of one or even a few people within it, is not much different from hating an entire race or ethnicity because of experiences with only a few.

I have always had a "good" habit of commending people for doing a good job.  I've been known to call companies and tell someone's supervisor that they did an outstanding job and that I appreciated it.  It's rare, I know.  Most people cringe when you ask them to provide the name and number of their supervisor.  That's part of our American culture I suppose.

But I wanted to point out a few people I've met or had correspondence with over the years that I consider "nice" and "helpful".  These are people who are generally nice to everyone, but since I have control over this blog I can use it to name a few of them and say that I appreciate their efforts and their generosity.

Autodesk:  Shaan Hurley
Autodesk:  Frank Moore
Autodesk:  Keane Walmsley
Autodesk:  Jerry Milana
Autodesk:  Bud Shroeder
Autodesk:  Jeff Lotan
Autodesk:  Jay Tedeschi
Autodesk:  Lynn Allen
Microsoft:  Wally Mead
Knowledge Factory:  Johan Arwidmark
BetaNews:  Joe Wilcox
Self:   Kara Swisher
Self:  Mary Jo Foley
1E / MyITforum:   Rod Trent
SyCom Technologies:  Rob Spitzer
SyCom Technologies:  Jim Bezdan (going to 1E soon)
Rand / Imaginit:  Fred Stewart
Rand / Imaginit:  John Jansen
Endurance IT Services:  Everyone. I work there.  They are all nice people :)
NG IT:  Just about everyone (Steve, Dave, Lynn, Marcy, other Dave, Brian, Ronnie, Shu-Ling, Karen, and on and on)

I'm sure I missed a lot of names, but if I forgot you, I apologize.
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