Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help? Running Remote WMI/WBEM from IIS Applications

This post is really more of a question than an answer.

One of the projects I work on is an ASP web application that provides a management interface to integrate Active Directory, System Center Configuration Manager, various Inventory Databases, various business systems and so on.  We also heavily rely upon the MMC (console) use of Configuration Manager for a good portion of management tasks.  One of the things we also rely upon are the SCCM "Right-Click Tools" produced by Rick Houchins.  These are essentially a collection of client-side scripts (kept on the computer where the MMC is used, not on the remote client, however some remote script aspects are involved).  We also use the SCCM Client Center application, provided on SourceForge by Roger Zander.  Both are invaluable tools for efficient management of a Configuration Manager environment.

I've been asked if we can somehow integrate some of the functionality into the web interface, which is running from an IIS 7.5 instance on the intranet using AD integrated security.  I've done some research on alternative methods for making this work, but every option seems risky and klunky as well.

The only functions I've been asked to consider for this are the following:

  • Retrieve and Evaluate the Machine Policy
  • Re-Run Advertisement
Both of these features involve COM interface connection to the remote client using the CPApplet automation class.  I don't expect anyone to offer up detailed code or instructions or anything like that.  I'm just looking for general direction and advise.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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