Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time to Give Props

With the ever-expanding volume and breadth of information on the Internet today, it's easy to focus on my own thoughts, experiences, ideas, etc.  But I need to give credit to some very worthy people, who's blogs I read daily (RSS feeds are awesome!).  While I'm nowhere near as widely followed as these folks are, I can still shine a light for those that haven't yet discovered their work.  Please check them out as often as you can...

Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World

Jimmy's site covers a lot of topics surrounding the world of Autodesk technologies, as well as FlexLM and FlexNet management.  Tips, tricks, articles, and detailed discussions of a wide range of topics.

Rod Trent - MyITForum

Rod's site is a community actually.  It benefits from a large collective of brilliant people that cover a wide range of Microsoft-oriented infrastructure management.  From System Center products, to Windows Server, to scripting and more.

Johan Arwidmark - Deployment Research

Johan, and his colleague Mikael Nystrom, are two of the most renown people in the world of Windows operating system provisioning.  They focus most on MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit), Configuration Manager OSD, but also on WAIK and advanced tools and topics like DISM, IMAGEX, and much more.  If you work with imaging and desktop/server deployments, you ABSOLUTELY need to check out these guys.

Ralph Grabowski - UpFront E-Zine / WorldCAD Access

For years, Ralph has done an amazing job of delving into the technical and business sides of the engineering and design software world.  He balances both with incredible skill, and without leaving either side in the cold.  One of the most beneficial aspects of his work is that he doesn't favor one vendor or one business model, but strives to remain objective and provide an unbiased view, even when tossing in his own thoughts at the very end.  If you work with CAD/CAM/CAE products or services, you need to read his stuff.

Joe Wilcox - BetaNews

Joe has been around the technology journalism world for a long time.  He has been at BetaNews for a few years and already made his mark with hard-edged articles on current topics that inspire a lot of discussion and debate.  Whether you like the products or vendors he writes about, or not, you will be entertained and enlightened by his writing I'm sure.

Scott Hanselman - Blog

While some might dismiss Scott's work due to being a Microsoft employee, you'd be sadly mistaken and cheating yourself out of some fantastic articles and incredible ideas surrounding software development trends.  Indeed, most of his topics reach far beyond Microsoft or Windows platform issues.  If you like programming in any capacity, check out his blog and see for yourself.

Daniel Petri - Blog

Daniel's site has been around for years, and has grown and amassed an incredible library of articles on almost everything related to Microsoft products, Cisco, Citrix, and VMware, among others.  More recently, he has enlisted more guest writers to help fill out the content and the results are amazing.  If you haven't visited the site, you should.


If you do ANY work with automating the installation of software, like I do every day, this is a MUST web site to bookmark.  In particular, check out the Package KB library.  Even though it was acquired by Kace, and then by Dell, it's maintained it's original purpose and quality.  I highly recommend it.

I may follow-up with more links in case I forgot any (I'm sure I did).

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