Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lowest Bidder

Who outfits the Space Shuttle?  Lowest bidder
Who installs cafeteria equipment in the schools?  Lowest bidder
Who builds vehicles for combat duty?  Lowest bidder
Who staffs security at 99.9% of public venues?  Lowest bidder
Who produces 99.9% of the generic drugs you ingest?  Lowest bidder
Who prepares 99.9% of the food you buy at the grocery store?  Lowest bidder
Who repairs the aircraft you fly between airports?  Lowest bidder
Who QA's the software that runs "mission critical" systems around the world?  Lowest bidder
Who digs and runs commercial fiber for broadband networks?  Lowest bidder
Who makes 99.9% of the after market parts used in your car?  Lowest bidder

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