Friday, October 14, 2011

What's Next?

A few people asked why I haven't been on Twitter as much lately.

I responded without saying much, but in reality, it's because I'm just not "feeling it" anymore.  The level of response and interaction has dropped to almost nothing lately.  Either I'm not tweeting enough interesting things, or I've offended some followers (hence the gradual drop in that area), or both.  In any case, it's just something I'm not cut out for.  I loved it for a while, but the love is wearing off.

A few other people asked what will I do after I stop posting to this blog.

I will continue to participate on other community sites, as far as technology is concerned.  MyITforum, TechNet, StackOverflow, AppDeploy, and a few others.  For the non-technical stuff, I will still hang around Google+, and share Google Reader items (with the same stupid comments).  I've thought long and hard about the date, and see no reason to move it back (or sooner), so I'm just going to meander to the next fork and decide where to turn when I get there.

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