Saturday, October 22, 2011

Signs of IT Failure

When it comes time to assess the quality of service amongst your crack team of IT experts, here's a few criteria points to consider:

  • Turns off UAC as a standard practice.
  • Grants most users Admin rights.
  • Re-imaging / Re-installing operating systems as a standard "fix"
  • Knee-jerks towards scripting, rather than Group Policy for configuration management
  • Fails to provide tangible metrics to back-up arguments and proposals
  • Argues against "change" as a standard philosophy
  • Sole-vendor philosophy without regard to competing products
  • Avoids meeting with customers / end users at all costs
  • Avoids meeting with executives at all costs
  • Spends more time putting out fires than in lab testing future solutions
  • Assumes they are an expert
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