Monday, October 31, 2011

Campaign Advertising Template

OPEN: Still-shot of opponent with a grim or clueless expression, panning slowly across view at awkward angle.  Overlay faded images of construction workers, people frustrated with bills, and traffic jams

NARRATOR: "[Opponent] says [he/she] is going to create jobs, but [his/her] plan will actually DESTROY jobs and crash our fragile economy.  [He/She] wants to raise taxes, and send American jobs overseas.  Don't let [him/her] get away with this!  Help us save American jobs and save America.  On [Date], vote for [You]."

DISPLAY:  smash-cut to still shot of candidate smiling and shaking hands with ordinary-looking white folks then ordinary-looking black folks.  smash-cut to video clip of small group discussion with candidate listening intently and nodding in agreement with confident grimace.

NARRATOR2: "This ad was sponsored by [insert PAC tax-avoiding-group-name] and the [Party Name] party."

Now:  Run out and vote.  Remember that since "every vote counts", YOUR vote will count too, and your candidate will win.  If they don't, then your vote didn't count, but that's impossible, so your candidate has to win.

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