Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nanny State?

Not to toss out any political or philosophical mumbo-jumbo, just PURE FACT for the hell of it.  These are just a few consumer-oriented things that would not exist had it not been for government regulation, introduced by both Democrat and Republican administrations over the past few decades:

  • Ingredients listed on food and medical products
  • Nutrition labels on food products
  • Seat belts in passenger vehicles
  • Collapsible steering wheels
  • Air bags
  • Speed-rated Bumpers on passenger vehicles
  • Laminated safety glass windshields
  • Licensing of Physicians
  • Licensing of aircraft pilots
  • Age restriction on buying cigarettes
  • Age restriction on buying alcohol
  • Age restriction on buying firearms
  • Age restriction on buying motorized vehicles
  • Age restriction on employment (children labor)
  • Food safety inspections at factories and meat packing facilities
  • Water safety regulation and inspection
  • Inspection of imports at loading docks
  • Aircraft flight path registration and tracking
  • Removal of Lead from household paint coatings
  • Removal of Lead from commercial grade gasoline
  • Standardized road sign templates
  • The Internet
  • Velcro, Freeze-dried foods, LED displays, Zip-Lock technology, scratch-resistant coatings, memory foam, ear thermometers,  (via NASA)
  • The Interstate Highway system
  • A national currency system (rather than a state-by-state currency system)
  • Regulation of radio and wireless transmission frequencies
  • Regulation of hunting and fishing
  • lot's more

Again - I am NOT saying these are by any means "perfect".  I am only saying most of these "exist" primarily because of government intervention.  In most cases (above), industry resisted these changes, sometimes fiercely.  Whether you agree with their necessity or not, they exist.

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