Friday, August 12, 2011


If you've never paused even once to ponder some of the bizarre shit we do every day as a society, well, you're brain dead.  If you don't pause at least once a week to ponder it all, you semi-brain dead.  Sometimes, even though it can push you to the edge of anxiety meltdown, it's good to think like a 4 year old and just look at everything as if you'd NEVER seen or heard it before.

Why do women wear panty hose?  Makeup?  Why do we spend so much time grooming hair and beards and mustaches and side burns, etc.?  Why do we spend so much time, effort and money on maintaining lawns?  Why do we say we're unique and "individual" yet almost everything we do is patterned from what others are doing, wearing, saying, etc.?  Why do we like it that radio stations repeat the same songs from the same artists for days, weeks, months, years, even decades?  Why are dogs, cats and fish kept as "pets", while fish are also eaten, yet dogs and cats are not? (in America, at least).  Why are dogs and cats ok as "pets", but chickens, rats, pigs, goats, opossum, and deer are not?  Why do we eat cows but not horses?  Why do we swear by privacy, yet flock to web sites to post what we're doing and where we're going?  Why do we whine about the status quo, yet fiercely resist change?  Why do we eat pizza with diet soft drinks?  Why is it ok to put an old dog to sleep but not an old person?  Why do we drink energy drinks when we know we need more sleep?  Why do we engage in debate about religion and politics when we know it will never convince the other side to change?  Why do we call killing "murder" or "defense" or "manslaughter" or "mercy"?  Why do we spend more of our lives working than with our families?  Why do we insist, regardless of race or religion, that "we are all alike" yet we "celebrate our unique differences"?


Enjoy your weekend
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