Friday, July 8, 2011

I’m Not Done Flip-Flopping on My Done with Flip-Flopping Flip Flop, OK?

One thing we, all one of us, can agree on, is that I’m not wired correctly.  Part of me is wired with sticks and mud, the rest with duct tape, condoms and beer bottle caps.  I’m all conductive though, trust me.  I just don’t conduct finances well.  I’m more of a fiscal insulator actually, but that’s a story for another year.

So, I drove a stake through WWA and pronounced it dead.  I turned to walk away, in slow motion of course, complete with dramatic movie music, only to have it spring to life and attack me blind.  I got it into a LAPD choke hold, wrestled it to the ground, placed its teeth on the curb and applied a Ed Norton American History-X stomp to it, but it still came to life, and grew additional arms, legs and eye balls as well.

To be fair, I never said the project itself was going to die.  I said it was not going to be maintained online, for public consumption.  It’s very much alive and well in multiple production environments, and therefor gets a daily dose of loving, feeding, and moral support.  As of today, it’s up to build 2011.07.08.002 and contains over two dozen additional features since 2011.05.13.001, the last public release before yanking the project from SourceForge.

To help out a few die-hard supporters and have an easy-to-access repository from almost anywhere, I returned the .zip download to my Google Site ( under the Downloads section.  If you care to keep up with its progress you can either visit it when you really bored, or add an RSS feed from the page to whatever RSS feed reader you prefer.  Cheers! Chou! Bon Voyage! Danka!  Arivadouche!

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