Friday, June 17, 2011

Windows Web Admin (WWA) Updates

Ok, so I killed the project, officially, yet I've posted some recent updates. Now you know why I chose "skatterbrainz" as my moniker. No worries. I can explain:

WWA is actually a stepchild of several customer projects in production environments. A more recent project required me to dust it off again and borrow pieces from it. That in-turn led to me rolling new features back in. So while the public version of this beast is semi-supported, the production implementations are moving ahead full speed. I've tried to snapshot the more useful (and general) changes to roll back into the public version, and that has led to a life of its own.

I posted build 2011.06.15.001 two days ago. This is a major update. Way too many changes to list here (ok. Maybe not "too many", but I am definitely "too lazy"). However, one of the core modifications caused problems with two key modules that wasn't discovered until this morning.

So, this morning I posted build 2011.06.17.001 to close that gap. You can download the source code at

You can also post your reviews, comments, gripes, bitching, complaints, praises and whatever there as well. If you really want to help me feed my kids, you can donate via PayPal also, but I don't expect any donations. Just sayin :)

I may continue to post updates, but they won't be nearly as often. If you need or want a particular feature added or enhanced, just let me know.

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