Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things My Mother Taught Me

Today would have been my mom's 83rd birthday.  She died at 69 unfortunately, but I think of her almost every day and pause every June 30th to think of something from way back in the brain vault to make me smile.  This year I thought I'd compile a list of things she taught me.  Not just implicitly or infusively, but actually taught me in some way or another.
  • To judge people by their actions not so much by what they say
  • To treat animals with kindness
  • To respect people's privacy.  Knock before entering.  Don't go through people's stuff
  • Ask before borrowing
  • NEVER burn bridges
  • Fess up if I break or lose something belonging to someone else
  • How to cook spaghetti, pancakes, hamburgers, hotdogs, eggs and bacon
  • How to sew simple stuff (buttons, tears, etc.)
  • How to perform first aid on bad cuts (I had quite a few growing up)
  • How to remove my own stitches
  • Stay calm under pressure
  • How to set the timing on a 1968 Ford Mustang the "old way"
  • What someone does in life has no relation to how important they are as a human being
  • Everyone is an expert at something, and a complete dumb ass at many other things
  • To appreciate the story in everything
  • To appreciate Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, ELP, Yes, as well as Bach, Mozart, Zappa, Mickey Hart and Airto
  • Read books (I'm still playing catch-up)
  • You will always need something the day after you've thrown it away
  • Never make promises you cannot keep
  • Follow through on the promises you make
  • Scary looking people are usually not scary inside
  • History is not dull.  Textbooks are dull
  • People who don't pay for things have no value for those things
  • You have to learn about pain and happiness yourself. No one can teach them to you
  • Don't yell from the next room.  Come over and ask in a normal voice
  • Don't answer someone yelling from the next room until they come over and ask in a normal voice
  • Beauty and Kindness are rare in life because it makes you appreciate them more
  • It always feels better to earn something
  • Don't make fun of other people.  You don't know what they feel inside
  • Defend yourself. No one else will
  • How to remove a Tick
  • Drink water before you go out to work in the heat
  • How to solder electrical connections
  • How to read the PDR and Goodman & Gilman's books
  • Hugs are important
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