Monday, June 13, 2011

Opinions are like...

Well, it's time for another mindless rant.

Today I was standing idle, minding my own business for a few minutes enjoying a Starbucks latte.  Then some fat slob passes me and makes a snide comment about "Starbucks is stupid".  Last weekend, someone walked by me in Lowe's and commented on my Red Sox ball cap, saying "Boston, pffft."

What it is about some people that makes them feel compelled to:

A. Form an opinion/judgement of others
B. Feel compelled to share that asshole shit-brained opinion with strangers
C. Become offended if judgement is aimed back at them.

I don't know.  Stupidity?

So, you don't like Starbucks.  Maybe (very likely) you also don't like certain music, sports, politicians, actors, races and religions, hair cuts, clothing styles, cars, colors, sounds, light, whatever.  Who cares.  Nobody cares what you care about.  Nobody cares what I care about either.  Like most people, I certainly do not walk around and aim judge mental comments at strangers.  But a significant minority of idiots does just that.

So, when he said that I should have just responded "well, you're just fat" or "you don't like Starbucks and I don't like people who drive up our aggregate health care costs.  We're even.  Shut up."  You go on eating until your heart explodes and I will go on enjoying my Starbucks.  Did that offend you?  Well, maybe you shouldn't have started it.  If you shoot first, expect to get shot at.

By the way, to the person that said the Boston comment, I politely told to fuck off.  They turned back and stopped.  I smiled.  They moved on.  Life is good.

Conclusion:  If you feel compelled to throw judgments at people, be prepared for equally angry/stupid comments being fired right back.  Opinions are like assholes: Nobody wants to see yours. Keep it to yourself.  Blog about it all day.  Keep your mouth shut in public.

This has been a message from Citizens Concerned about Idiots in Public.
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