Monday, June 6, 2011

Autodesk University 2011

First off, all I can say that I wish I were going, but I'm not able to. Financially, it is beyond my reach this year. I've attended four of them, the most recent in 2004, so I'm dating myself badly of course. LA in 1997, Philly in 1998, Boston in 1999, and Vegas in 2004. All of them were well worth the trip, except for maybe Boston in 1999
(Although, Boston itself was a blast).

But what I wanted to mention is that I saw a session that caught my eye:

CM330-2 "Installing Autodesk(r) Applications with Microsoft(r) System Center Configuration Manager"

Speakers are: Nate Bartley and Jerry Milana

I've known Jerry for quite a few years, so I'm sure that will be a very good session. I don't know Nate, but given the subject matter and Jerry as co-speaker, I have to assume he is also a very worthy speaker. In all, that should be a great session for anyone working in a network environment, even if you do not yet own a product like Configuration Manager.

As a small favor, I'd like to ask: who is planning to attend that session?

If your are, or are even thinking about attending it, send me an email at ds0934 (at) gmail (dot) com.
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