Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What’s Wrong with this Blog

This blog.  My blog.  It violates almost every rule SEO nutjobs insist upon.  But that’s exactly why I chose the path I’ve taken with it.  The name “Skatterbrainz” has been my monicker for years.  I started on Twitter with it, but before that I used it when signing up on forums and bulletin boards and various other things.  There are other people using the same name of course, but I only use it on tech-oriented sites and my own blogs and sites.

They say a blog should stick to a narrow, focused, concise topic or subject.  I do not.

They say a blog should mention brand names within a focused context.  I do not.  Well, not usually.

They say a blog should be closely integrated with a holistic social network experience. Mine does not.

Do I pay a price for this ecclectic diffusion of mental diversity?  Not really.  Blogs are free.  I spend time on it, but to me that is therapy.  I make no money from this blog in any way except to mention my books (ok, ok, okaay, geeez: e-books), but that’s still not a direct return.  My total AdSense revenue balance is around $0.20, so that doesn’t count really.

I’ve tried several times to elicit feedback from readers as to what subjects I should focus on mostly, but that was a failed effort.  The four responses I received were entirely unrelated and offered no real direction to follow.  So, without a GPS to guide me on my journey through the fields of idiocy, I chart my own course using my patented Stevie Wonder GPS.

I don’t possess enough pure technical wisdom to maintain a serious fountain of knowledge like other blogs do, which is fine.  They do an amazing job of that already.  I’m not trying to compete with anyone.  I just dump my thoughts and hopefully a little something to make someone smile.  Even if I just make someone shake their head in total disbelief, that’s a good thing.

I’ve taken some breaks and pauses along the way.  I’ve even given up on it twice, but I had to come back to it.  I wasn’t even sure if anyone was reading it, but that isn’t important.  I hope to keep this thing going for a while longer.  Above all, I want to thank YOU for reading my posts and sharing your thoughts with me and other readers.

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