Monday, May 23, 2011

AutoCAD Deployment with Configuration Manager, Scripts, Fires and a Drink

As a follow-on to my previous posts on the subject of (pardon the unintended redundant redundancies) deploying AutoCAD deployments via Microsoft Configuration Manager (aka: "Config Manager", aka: "ConfigMgr", aka: "SCCM", but they really don't like that one) and you wrap the installation process in a script, listen up:

Put the script in an entirely separate UNC location from the rest of the deployment folder stuff. The script should reference the deployment paths using full UNC values. Point the ConfigMgr package data source at the script folder, and set the Package program to call the script. Pretty basic.

This is because:

A. Autodesk deployments use hard-coded source path references. So regardless of replication, any execution will always refer back to the hard-coded UNC location. You can modify this manually, per each copy, but it can be a major pain in the ass.

B. Putting the script with the deployment results in the entire mess being replicated to your ConfigMgr distribution points. This eats up network bandwidth and disk space for nothing of value whatsoever.

C. The advertisement can run the setup script from the DP or download to cache, either way won't affect client caches as much as a full deployment cache hit (which would also be of no value)

That is all. Enjoy you day!
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