Thursday, April 28, 2011

Windows Web Admin build 2011.04.28.001 posted

I apologize for pestering the **** out of you with so many constant updates, but as I've had a few minutes here and there to free my brain to work on this a little I've been trying to cross off my "to-do" list.  I've had many of these finished from other past projects but haven't had time to scrape the goodies out of old files, dust them off, clean-up and refactor the code to fit into my latest mindwarp vision of bit-mashing misery.  That's a long way of saying that I had to grab some very old code, clean it up and fit it into this project.  Someday I know that I will need to stop and refactor this entire project.  I'll be honest: some of the code is a bit stupid looking and inefficient.  I know this.  So if you're looking at it and shaking your head, relax.  Drink a few beers and it will start looking really awesome.  Especially after a case of beer.

Latest changes:

  • SCCM reports have been moved from the home page sidebar to their own "reports" page
  • Three new SCCM reports have been added:
    • Windows 7 Readiness Summary (with tabulated results at the bottom) per Collection
    • Obsolete Client Records
    • Unassigned Client Records
  • You can now add an AD user account to multiple AD groups
  • You can now add multiple AD user accounts to a single AD group
  • You can now remove an AD user account from multiple AD groups
  • You can now remove multiple AD user accounts from a single AD group
  • The Network Adapter report had a small bug that I fixed (report6.asp

I recently posted an instruction guide on how to set up WWA on IIS7 using an Application Pool so it can run properly under a protected user context (helps with AD management features).  You can access that here:

Download the latest build here -->

Enjoy!  It's still FREE.  I do it because it keeps my brain from melting down.

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