Friday, April 22, 2011

DirectX installer for AutoCAD 2012

I've mentioned this to the point of putting people to sleep.  In fact, it might drive someone to the point of a mental breakdown.  In any case, I decided to go ahead and upload my compiled MSI package for installing the DirectX components for AutoCAD 2012 which allows you to push it ahead of AutoCAD itself when using SCCM 2007 and not have the deployment installation die and return a bullshit result code.  Keep an eye on my downloads page for the file to be posted soon.  It will be near the top of the list.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a supported product.  It is provide "as-is" without warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever for any use or purpose, either express or implied.  Use at your own risk.  Test thoroughly in a non-production "test" environment before considering use in a production environment.  Author assumes NO liability or responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or loss of productivity alleged to have been caused by the use or misuse of this software.  The user (you) assumes any and all liability, risk, responsibility for any use or adaptation of this software. 

While I would very much like feedback on how it works, do not assume that I will address enhancement requests or requests to change the software of any kind.

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