Friday, April 22, 2011

Acad2012DX.msi - DirectX Installer for AutoCAD 2012 Deployments

As promised, I've uploaded a ZIP file to my downloads site which contains Acad2012DX.MSI and README_LICENSE.TXT.  The MSI was compiled using Symantec Wise Package Studio and was tested on a Windows 7 client using System Center Configuration Manager 2007.

computer_network_administrationBackground:  For those that don't read my blog (you lucky person), or haven't read my book (oh, the pain!), there is a small but important issue with trying to push a prepared AutoCAD 2012 deployment installation using SCCM 2007.  It requires that .NET Framework 4 be installed prior to running the unattended setup (e.g. setup.exe /W /I /Q AdminImage\deployment.ini), as well as pre-installing the DirectX library components. 

The DXSETUP.exe installer won't usually install via SCCM 2007 with the /SILENT switch however.  The workaround I've used is to package the DirectX components from the AutoCAD installation media (or network deployment share) and run the "DXSETUP.exe /SILENT" request internally using synchronous/ignore-exit-code.  If you try to run the Deployment setup.exe through SCCM without having .NET Framework 4 and the DirectX libraries (only those from the AutoCAD media, it won't help to install the library from a Microsoft download), the advertisement will fail but returns a 0 exit code.  That means it reports back as "successful" when nothing was actually installed.


So, it's easy enough to push .NET Framework 4 installations with SCCM 2007.  That's not the annoying part.  The DirectX libraries are what trip most people up.

All I ask is that you abide by the README_LICENSE.TXT file and assume the responsibility for testing this and not deploying it into a production environment without successful testing first.  Please let me know how it works for you?  Even though it is officially, and legally "unsupported" I would like to know if it works or not for you.  Thanks!

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