Thursday, March 24, 2011

WWA: Toasted and Done

I decided it was time to stop work on the project. I posted this on the project site as a comment also. Over the course of this experiment I received two comments, in the first week only, saying there was interest, but still no feedback was ever received. This was really kind of an experiment in that I was curious if other folks are as tired of MMC apps as I am. It seems people love MMC, at least like it enough to make a web-based alternative less appealing. That's fine. Nothing wrong with that.

Aside from lack of interest, it's now become a matter of *time*. Time is drying up fast for me. My kids are entering a new spoprts season, I'm helping with coaching, new AD and SCCM projects have landed on me, house repairs and bills are still mounting, and my dog is feeling rejected I think.

I've uploaded build 2011.03.23.001 this morning. That will be the last of its kind. I will leave the site up for a few more days or a week maybe. On to new challenges now - cheers!

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