Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I've Accomplished This Week

  • Packaged Office 2010 using OCT and Config.XML modification to deploy with SCCM
  • Wrote scripts to customize MED-V client deployments via SCCM
  • Wrote scripts to customize MED-V client workspace management features
  • Worked on integrating SCCM with a web interface and SQL
  • Installed and testing IE9 RC, Chrome 11, and Firefox 4
  • Testing the IE9 Developer Tool (F12) Network Trace toolset (very nice!)
  • Updated my Google Chromebook CR-48 to the Dev Channel (0.10.x)
  • Finished reading a few books:
    • Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"
    • Laura Hilldebrand's "Unbroken" (very good!)
  • Started reading "The Accidental Billionaires"
  • Reading samples of several books to decide on which to buy next:
    • Don Rumsfeld: "Known and Unknown"
    • Dan Brown: "Digital Fortress"
    • a few others
  • Watched "The Town"
  • Ironed four shirts
  • Polished one pair of brown shoes
  • Ran my first full mile, without a break, since I was in my 20's - just last night!
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