Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reminding Yourself That Not Every Problem has a Solution

Every so often, it does the mind good to learn about, or experience a situation which demonstrates unsolvable problems.  I think this is important in that it reminds us that we are not all-powerful.  There are problems that the smartest humans on this planet, past and present, have not been able to make a dent in.  Some are sad, some are curious, some are tragic.  Ask anyone who's experience combat firsthand.  Ask anyone who works in law enforcement or the fire department.  Ask an ER doctor.  Logic oftens runs for the nearest door before anyone notices it's gone.

Two documentaries I've watched in the past few months that have brought this home to me are:


Which Way Home

I highly recommend both of these.  Grab a box of tissues and tell all your macho guy friends that you're sick and can't come out to play.  I would caution you not to watch them both back-to-back.  I would suggest you watch something funny in between, and probably afterwards as well.

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