Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Managing Windows, AD and SCCM via the Web?

Yeah, yeah yeah, whatever.  I'm not going to blow my horn anymore, f*** that.  The horn is broken anyway and all I usually blow is hot air.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I can whistle a tune.  In any case, I thought I'd post something fairly relevant today:

Someone asked me (offline of course, the way I HATE it.  I'd rather get feedback via the site so others can see the back-and-forth, and thereby bore themselves to sleep without me having to retype it all, but whatever, on with it…) they said

"Hey Dave.  Why would I want to manage AD or SCCM through a web browser?"

I responded with one word: "Mobile"

And like David Caruso, I shoved my imaginary sunglasses up on my nose and turned to walk away.  If only there were a door in that direction.  Ouch!

It got him thinking though.  I had to demonstrate it on my crappy little Blackberry (that makes for a crappyberry I suppose).  Bring up the web app from the SSL connection, authenticate, and voila!  WWA interface is smiling back at me (through the pinhole screen on my crappyberry).  View collections, packages, programs, advertisements, sites, site boundaries, distribution points, distribution point groups, drill-down into computers and view inventory data, linked over to the user account reports pulled seamlessly from AD, including phone, email, department, all the groups the user is a member of, other users in that department, other users with the same computer model, same operating system and service pack, all the non-windows resources in AD which aren't discovered by SCCM, and on and on and on…

blah blah blah blah.

But you know what the best part of this is?  Nobody.  And I mean NO-BODY is interested.  It's a short-lived one-trick dog.  The March 31 date is being moved up to Saturday, March 26.  No reason to drag this poor decrepit beast around in the mud longer than it needs to.  Oh well, it's been fun building it.

Dave "I can't wait to upgrade my phone" Stein

P.S. I adopted that closing from Ned Pyle, one of my heroes.

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