Monday, March 7, 2011

The Love/Hate of Technology


Meetings.  Project Status Updates.  Estimates.  More status updates.  More meetings.  Phone calls.  E-mails.  Portals.  Catching up.  In the end, very little productive work is done, at least not until late in the day and into the next morning.  Printers die.  Applications lock up.  Services stop.  Processes spin-out and eat the CPU.  Users get frustrated.  It can push anyone to frustration.

Then I tune into TED.  And I see this, and I forget the irritations of technology and remember the wonder of it all.  The hope that it brings through hard work and imagination.  Ultimately for the purpose of helping each other.

Updated: The TED video link appears to be hosed.  Here's the direct URL...
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