Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog

Bad Baby DavidFor some reason, Blogger dumped some of my earliest posts prior to December 24, 2007.  That's the oldest date for which it retains a posting at this point.  I should probably read the EULA/terms to see if they have a cut-off date for older posts.  In any case, from my best recollection, I started this blog in November 2006 and maintained it through now with a few manically depressive drop-outs and whatnot.  \

Since early 2008 I've tried to maintain a regular presence, especially throughout the period of unemployment between March and June of 2008.  As much as I hated it, the blog was somewhat of a therapy instrument (I apologize for dumping so many of my stupid hair-brained rants on you all - er - all three of you, that is).  Somehow, I overlooked the November anniversary date, which would have been four years.  Since my birthday is next week, I figured I'd just lump it together and wish my blog a belated happy birthday.  I'll have to drink an extra beer or three this weekend. 

In fact, I may be providing some technical assistance to some friends who are producing a beer-tasting podcast show.  They were going full-bore for a while and hit a road bump and had to put everything on hold.  But now they're firing the engine back up and they asked me to help with some tidbits.  I hope to have some interesting news and links to share soon.  Til then: CHEERS!

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