Monday, January 31, 2011

Twitter Fritter

I've done it before, yes indeed, and I'm doing it again. This time I think it's for good. When I first joined Twitter, it seemed like a new way to socialize and do so in a much more dynamic, spur-of-the-moment approach. Much more instinctive than Facebook for here-and-now happenings and streams of conciousness. Much more communal than I.M. as well.

But I was wrong. Not just a little wrong - a lot wrong. Way wrong (How you like them grammar skills, beyoch!)

After reviewing the frequency of responses to comments posted, I found the following rating was pretty accurate. It basically comes down to the following odds per 10 posts of a response:

Facebook: 8
Blog: 4
Twitter: 1

When posting a question:

Facebook: 10 (100%)
Blog: 6
Twitter: 2

My "free" time is evaporating every year. I have to reduce my online footprint. Something had to go, and that something is Twitter. I'll keep the account, but only because Twitter's account policy is brainlessly arcane and ill-conceived. But I won't be a-tweetin anymore.
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