Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Updates

Well, I haven't bored anyone to tears about my feeble book efforts in a while, so I figured it was time to rip off the ear muffs and scream into those virgin ear drums again.

The books are still selling fairly well, holding steady.  I'm not going to be challenging any authors you've ever heard of anytime soon though.  According to my calculations, I should have enough earned to pay half of my family cell phone bill for one month.  That might sound pessimistic, but to me that's awesome!  The fact that I sold even ONE copy of each book was nice.  Selling a few dozen was beyond my expectations.  I look at authors like Dan Brown, John Grisham, and the lady that wrote the Harry Potter series and I can't begin to imagine what those numbers must feel like.

I'm not even talking about revenue, just pure numbers sold.  That is astounding when you think about it.  Hat's off to authors that garner that level of interest.  Regardless of what you may like or dislike in author styles, the fact that they can gain a following and post numbers in the six and seven digits is admirable if not inspiring.  After all: we're talking about books, not TV shows or movies.  With all the talk about books being a dying hobby, the numbers don't support that at all.  As late to the game of reading as I've been (long story, for another day), and seeing as many young folks in the book stores today, I'm optimistic about the future of books, whether in print form or electronic.

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