Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Updates

Looking over the sales reports, I found a few surprises:

AutoCAD Network Administrators Bible 2011 - Selling much better than I ever expected.  I really am surprised by this.  This has been the best seller yet, and I actually sold a few on Barnes & Noble as well.

Packagers Pocket Reference - Selling much better than I ever expected as well.  This is my second biggest seller so far.

Visual LISP Developer's Bible 2003 - I can't believe it sold *any* copies after having been out on the Internet for seven (7) years for free.  The fact it has sold a dozen copies in a month is just amazing to me.

Visual LISP Developer's Bible 2011 - Even with the massive updates and long hours, it's not selling nearly as well as I expected.  That pretty much closes the book on that project forever.

It will take me a little while to absorb this and figure out my next direction.

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