Friday, January 28, 2011

Are we really THAT f-ing pathetic?

One of my customers, who happens to run an extremely tight ship, just also happens to have a GPO that configures UAC to run at the top-most level (always prompt).  When I first encountered this, I was a little surprised, even startled a bit.  But I quickly adjusted and moved on.  After six months of working within that environment, I realized how useful and beneficial that really is.  In fact, I realized that after the first week.  Maybe the first day.  But when I described this situation to my colleagues outside of this environment, I saw the same reaction from each and every one of them: shock and dismay.


I'm always curious as to the rationale behind decisions, views, opinions, so I dive into this one head first.  The reasons completely blew me away.  First off, I would offer the benefits, which are simple yet powerful:

  • Optimum protection against malware and accidental screw-ups
  • A continuous "Run As" prompt that works well with NOT EVER LOGGING ON AS AN ADMIN

That last one comes directly from the mouths of EVERY SINGLE security handbook from UNIX to Windows and all systems in between.

Yet, the main reason they don't like this?

  • It's too much of a pain


What pain?

"Constantly having to type in my credentials. ugh!"

Sad smile

Wow.  We've become so f-ing pathetic that we can say to others, with a straight face, that TYPING is a "pain" or "tiring" or "cumbersome", etc. ?  Ho-ly crap!  I started out in my tax-paying employment life working in the trades.  Insulation, steel, painting, construction, roofing.  Then I moved on to paint delivery, and a ba-zillion other stupid (yet incredibly enlightening and educational) jobs before tripping over a pothole and falling face-first into the IT world.

When I hear some whiney-ass IT person say that TYPING is painful, difficult, tiring, or annoying, I want to smack them in the head with a pipe wrench and a roofing hammer.  To me, this is like standing in a room full of Marines, prepared to deploy to a war zone, and crying on their shoulders that I broke a nail and therefore cannot accompany them on their mission.   Wow.  Just wow.  Just f-ing wow.

Grow a pair.  Do your job correctly/properly, or find another career path where whining is not only allowed but expected.  You know, like political service.

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