Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Latest Iteniary keeping me busy by day, and up all night.  As usual.

  • ASP-based web app.  Intranet Portal aspect.  Tying together SQL data linked from SCCM, with Active Directory, to produce specialized reports and annotation
  • An intranet portal migration from ASP to Sharepoint Foundation 2010
  • A Resume Database to mass import Word crap (and I mean "crap") referred to as "resumes" into a searchable heap.  Looking over the (de-)evolution of professional resumes over the previous twenty years I can see why we offshore jobs.
  • Scratching my head about what to write about next.
  • Scratching my nuts (I'm a guy.  What did you expect?). And by the way, statistically speaking: I get as many good ideas from scratching my nuts as I do from scratching my head.  There's a correlation there somewhere.  I'm still searching for it.
  • I'll think of more later
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