Monday, December 20, 2010

Letters to Santa

Santa would shoot me dead if he was packin', but for now, until he gets a gun permit, allow me to reprint a letter from Dave A., who recently purchased one of my books…

Awesome book Dave. I did notice a few small things.  In the flexlm section you didn't actually mention the standard flexlm environment variable. LM_LICENSE_FILE.
Also you said you have to have elevated privs to set the variables, but if you were to set them as a user in the HKCU or by right clicking on the my computer and going to properties, advanced properties, environment variables, user variables and set the variable there, it will then be usable by the current user.  So no admin rights needed only need to know the port@host info.
You should add the Sysinternals website specifically .  I cant believe how many people do not know about these tools.
Does the kindle not like apostrophes? all i get are []
I am going to recommend that this be a regular read for the group.
Whats the next book Dave?
First off: THANK YOU!  I appreciate anyone buying one of my books, I really do.  And I want to respond to every single person who emails, tweets or yells at me (even in traffic, but that's a different story entirely)…
  1. That is indeed a great point regarding the use of a USER variable to set the LM_LICENSE_FILE.  It is also a good point about the port prefix, which I did mention in the AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible (ANAB), but I didn't mention it in this book.
  2. Sysinternals is such a fantastic resource for anyone even touches a computer that I often forget to take a moment to describe it.  Again however, I mentioned this in the ANAB book.  I should have tossed in more examples.
  3. The [] stuff is due to Microsoft Word having a tough time cranking out clean HTML code that ports into PRC/MOBI e-book format properly.  I've since created a Word template to do future editing with.  That should take care of crazy indentation, paragraph alignments, bullets, numbering, quotes, dashes, and other weirdness.
  4. Thanks for recommending it to others.  God bless you!  My kids may yet own shoes.
  5. Next book is up in the air.  I'm not sure what to do actually.  There are several directions I might take, which may all fail or not, who knows.  I will post more when I nail something down (hopefully without my thumb caught underneath)
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