Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Updates

anab_coverMy next book in the works is tentatively titled "The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible, 2011 Edition", and will include detailed discussion regarding planning, design and implementation of AutoCAD 2011 network deployments, licensing and license servers, installation customization, and using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager® 2007 R2 for software deployments.

This book will also cover some common troubleshooting aspects that arise in network environments and strategies for dealing with them.  The draft is about 80 percent filled out and in review by a close friend.  Once I receive the results of that review I will press onward and will aim to have this available before the coming Christmas holiday.  The price is not yet confirmed, but will be published as soon as I know for sure.

Like the previous book, this book will only be available in Amazon Kindle® Reader format, however you don't need to own a Kindle device in order to purchase or read it.  The free Kindle Reader app is available for a wide variety of devices and platforms.  And one of the best features of Kindle e-books is that Amazon tracks your ownership.  So even if you lose your Kindle device or suffer a hard drive crash, you can still download the book again later without having to buy it again!

The Visual LISP Developer's Bible 2003 Edition is now available in Kindle E-Reader format for $4.99

Books I've Read Recently and Highly Recommend:

You can find all of these at in both physical "real" book form, and Kindle e-book formats.  Enjoy!

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