Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book: The Packager's Pocket Reference

ppr_coverI just submitted this to Amazon for publishing.  Same Kindle format, but this time the price is (are you sitting down?…) $2.99   I will post more information as soon as it is available for purchase.

I've included the table of contents below to help explain what is included.  Heck, for $2.99 it's not bad.








Overview and Introduction 5

Registry - Uninstall Keys6

32-bit Windows Apps: 6

64-bit Windows Apps: 6

32-bit Apps on 64-bit Windows: 6

Command Line Tools 7

Windows Services 7

Stopping a Service: 7

Deleting a Service: 7

List all Services on Remote Computer: 7

List Details on Specific Service on Remote Computer: 7

Processes 7

List Running Process: 7

List all Instances of Fubar.exe Processes: 7

Kill a Process by Process ID Number: 7

Kill a Process by Name: 7

Kill a Remote Process by Name: 7

Registry Data 8

Query a (local) Registry Key and Sub-Keys: 8

Query a (local) Registry Key and all Values below it: 8

Query a (remote) Registry Key and Sub-Keys 8

Create or Replace a Registry Key: 8

Create or Replace a Registry Key [default] Value: 8

Query AutoCAD 2011 Profiles: 8

Extract a Profile to a .REG file 8


Installation and Uninstall Parameters 8

MSIEXEC errors 9

Setup.exe Techniques 9

Record a Setup Log File 9

Silent Install Using a Setup Log File 9

Silent Uninstall Using a Setup Log File 9

Folder Permissions 9

Registry Permissions 10

REGINI.exe 10

Wise Package Scripting 10

Adjusting Folder Permissions During Install: 10

Delete Left Folders and Files During Uninstall: 10

Delete Registry Keys During Uninstall: 10

AutoCAD® Customization 11

Enforced Custom Profile 11

Create a User Profile and Desktop Shortcut 11

Preparation Steps: 11

CMD Script: 11

Common Silent Installations 12

Common Silent Uninstalls 12

Detection Methods 14

File/Folder-Based 14

Registry-Based 14

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 17

WQL search expressions 17

AutoCAD 2011 17

Tip: Maintenance Windows 17

Tip: DirectX Deployments 17

FlexLM© Client Settings 17

Server Names Environment Variable 17

Server Request TimeOut Adjustment: 17

Recipes 18

Detect a Folder 18

Detect a Registry Key 19

Delete a Folder Tree 19

Add or Change a Registry Key 20

Add or Change a Registry Value 20

Delete a Registry Key 21

Get File Version Information 21

CMD Script Path Expansion Variables 22

Change FlexLM© License Server List on Multiple Remote Computers 22

Solution 1: Use REG.exe and a script 24

Solution 2: Use PsExec.exe in a script with a script 24

Make and Run a REGINI Operation from VBScript 25

Registry Key Detection: 32-bit vs 64-bit 25

Robocopy Backups and Mirroring 26

Backup only newer files with Robocopy 26

Maintain Synchronization Between Two Folders: 26

Appendix A - API References 27

Appendix B - Useful Web Sites 28

Acknowledgements 28

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