Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Catch-up

It's 9:30-ish pm Sunday night, and I've finally sat down from a busy weekend to do my brain-dump, so here goes…

Friday night was a blur, getting ready for the Cheer Competition on Saturday.  Yes, you heard me correct (or read me correct? geez, this paradigm stuff is tough to sort out sometimes).  Two of my three daughters were on their high school team to compete in the regional level against 15 other schools.  I posted the video already.  Saturday was pretty much consumed up until 11:00 pm with that and anciliary stuff.

Sunday (today) was lazy day.  I was lazy.  I did lazy stuff.  However, therein lies the oxymoron: you can't DO anything and qualify as "lazy", can you?  That's as stupid and counteracting as the words "Regional Transporation" here in Hampton Roads (those that live here should get that little gaff).  Anyhow, I did manage to get one thing done which was tear down and reorganize my home network and office desk space.  I relocated my server, router, switch, wires, power strips, UPS, and generally have it looking much more spacious and clean.  I like it.  Of course, that means my wife doesn't like it, but that's another story.  The yin and yang of life is very real folks.

I've also begun my shift away from Facebook and more into other things like (oh my God, sit down so you don't faint and knock your head on the floor…) READ BOOKS.  Holy crap! They still make those things?!  I can't ****ing believe it!  It's 2010 and people still read?!  No ****ing way.  No. ****. Ing. Way.


I'm almost done with "What Technology Wants" by Kevin Kelly.  I got the bug to check it out from a Seth Godin blog post.  I wasn't (and still am not) disappointed.  It's a great book.  A bit macro-scale on subject matter and evidentiary proofs, but worth every word.  I may have to read it a second time to grasp it entirely.

In addition, I'm poking into web sites like,, and a few other niche-oriented sites that seem to collect a lot of useful stuff.  My future posts may become more erratic and sparse, but hopefully I'll have good stuff to share, rather than just filling space and time (I call it fillibustering).

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