Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Turkey Slaughtering Day!

That probably got your PETA eyeballs all fired up, but I'm only kidding.  I love a tasty turkey dinner as much as any green-blooded Uh-merican.  I've got to work tomorrow (Wednesday) and then driving my small army up to my sister's house in Richmond for the extended weekend.  Should be fun.  Food + Alcohol + Heated debates about lawyers and left-wing politics + forecasted rain and cold (i.e. stuck indoors) = loads of action-packed excitement.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is fun and memorable.  Travel safe.  Eat safe.  Drink safe.  And argue safe.  And for all you 24x7 IT support folks: I'm so sorry.  Maybe next year you get a better call rotation.  And for all you medical folks working through the holidays: I hope I don't run into any of you.

(The image above shows the first white settler folks offering Turkey in trade for all of their land.  What a deal!  If only they understood English at the time)


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