Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contrasts and Dichotomies

Everyone knows we're still in the depths of a Recession.  Some indicators show improvement, some show worsening, some show no change at all.  The aggregate indicators seem to converge on nothing really changing for anyone but a few small segments of our population (mostly the wealthiest and the poorest).  Here's some interesting juxtaposed figures to make you scratch your head:

Video Game Sales Way Up source: Reuters
Movie Box Office Revenue Way Up source: IMdB
Housing Prices Continue to Fall source: IRS
Commercial Real Estate Leases Continue to Fall source: Reuters
Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall source: Reuters
Employment Steady at 10 percent source: US BLS
Number of Uninsured Americans Continues to Rise source: US CDC
U.S. Military Casualties Rate resulting from major limb damage Relatively unchanged
(since Vietnam conflict)
U.S. Highway Vehicle Fatalities Down source: NHTSA/FARS
Tourism Inbound to U.S UP source: US DOC

Doing the numbers so you don't have to.

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