Friday, October 8, 2010

A Retraction Contraction of Inaction

I need to settle down.  Sometimes I get too fired up and blurt out stupid things about politics, religion, farts, software, more farts, societal dysfunctionalism, and of course: more about farts.  I have decided that I really should provide an official disclaimer.  Having been raised in a family that consists of half doctors and half lawyers and half musicians, we tend to have rather terse holiday gatherings and are pretty bad with our checkbooks.  But I have learned to read contracts, disclaimers, warranties, garantees, agreements, exclusions, and all that mumbo-jumbo (oops? is “mumbo-jumbo” protected by some copyright or trademark?)

Back to the trail…

I really don’t know shit about politics.  But that’s ok, nobody else does either. I’m not a psychology expert, nor do I have what most would call “social skills” beyond shrugging and making odd grunting noises at inopportune moments.  I learned software development skills the hard way: on the job.  Then I went to college and learned it the right way, but no I’m repaying loans that I can never pay off.  I know how to refactor like a refactoring beyoch, but I’m not sure it was worth what the compounded interest has amassed thus far.

I spill my guts because it’s therapeutic and because blogging makes it easy to spill guts.  Sometimes I get a lot of guts pent-up to spill and I rush home to spill them.  Other times my brain bucket is completely empty and I have to decide whether to shake it for another drop, or just veg-out on the couch and watch The Daily Show or South Park.  Some folks think I’m some sort of genius or expert at something or other, while at the same time other folks think I’m dumber than a clump of dirt on a hot dinner plate.  I think I’m somewhere in the middle, but I’m not sure which end I’m closer to.

So, if you read my blog and pause to think “what in the **** is this guy blabbering about now?” that’s ok.  You’re in a lot of company.  I can never predict what topic gets anyone’s interest or feedback, even though I’ve really tried to nail that down.  I’m about as good at that as a game of darts with Stevie Wonder (I would play the part of Stevie since I’m told I look more like him than me.  Don’t let the whiteness fool you).

I’m also old, so I have to get to bed now.  Night folks.  I will damage your eyes and brain cells again soon. Have a wonderful Friday!

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