Monday, October 18, 2010

Bounce Rates and Eye Blinks

I decided to spend more time digging into my Google Analytics stats to see if I really have anything to cheer about.  Well, yes and no.  The good: I’m averaging between 40-60 visitors per day on this blog and 20-25 per day on Scriptzilla.   The VLDB site is also pulling decent numbers.  And now for the bad: average time on site per visit is 10 seconds.  Either I have some of the fastest readers in the Universe (or multiverse, depending upon your platform spin as it were, hee hee), or I draw a lot of people in for none other purpose than to waste their time and make their heads shake like a Parksinson’s patient on Red Bull at a Rap concert.  Ok, the stats clearly show it’s the latter.  Then again, GA is not very adept at analyzing stats from RSS feeds as far as I can tell.

But here’s some interesting tidbits…

  • The largest portion of mobile viewers are using an iPad.  I never expected this.  The second largest portion is iPhone, then Blackberry at third.
  • In the past 30 days, this blog had 1207 new visitors and 337 returning visitors
  • The largest referral traffic source is followed by Google
  • 640 visitors were from the US.  106 from the UK.  83 from Germany
  • My blog is well below the benchmark numbers for most blog sites being tracked by Google Analytics.  Well below.  As in: well…. below.
  • Most people hit the home page and leave.  After that, the rest of you fan out into mostly technology-related posts.  The spread of visits among the rest is pretty equal.
  • Most of my posts are completely stupid and meaningless
  • Most of you haven’t read this far so it doesn’t matter what I say here
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