Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favorite Web Sites

I'm a Google Reader JUNKIE.  I may need therapy.  I currently have about 250 feeds arranged into 8 categories of which I scan daily for useful tidbits.  However, I'm becoming less of a fan of RSS skimming and getting back more towards reading the source web sites.  The reason is that RSS feeds generally strip off a lot of the visual appeal of the site itself.  While the textual content is usually intact, the graphics often get skewed, blocked or just don't come through at all.  But more important than graphics and visual layout is the aggregation of information.  Great examples of this are FastCompany and SmashingMagazine.  If you inspect their home pages it should be obvious what you miss by only reading their RSS feeds.  I obviously don't visit nearly as many web sites as I have RSS feeds, but these I try to hit at least every other day if I can.

Note: My criteria for "favorite" is not based on visual appeal or site design.  It's based on useful information and ease of extraction.


Smashing Magazine



QuickSprout (Neil Patel's blog)

Cool Material


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