Friday, September 10, 2010

It's 2010, and I just Cannot Understand why…

… desktop PC's are still so friggin bulky and oafish.  Why can't they be smaller like a pack of playing cards?  They can.  They will.  Just not soon enough.

… electric cars have taken so long to … , oh wait, nevermind, they're still not on ANY lots within 100 miles of where I live.

… people still listen to politicians.  Why they still act surprised with they fail to deliver on their campaign promises.  Why they believe one party is going to help them more than the other.

… American homeowners still bother maintaining a lawn (instead of replacing it with rocks or something pretty and doesn't require labor, gas, oil, time and more time)

… 1040 tax forms are still stupidly over complicated

… metro WiFi still hasn't taken off across the U.S.

… anyone drinking beer worries about carbs or calories.  Wrong hobby!

… Americans love patting themselves on the back and saying "we're number 1!" when we're not and it's not helping us get back to "number 1" either.

… teenage boys think it looks cool to wear pants hanging off their ass with their boxers hanging outside.

… watching football is "manly" but watching the cheerleaders isn't.

… NASCAR is considered a "sport"

… anyone watches "reality" TV shows

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