Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Rambling

Sit down.  Strap in.  Enjoy this ride to nowhere…

pieces_bmr_116[1] I need to unload my puny brain to make room for beer and Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces.  G*d d*mn those things are f***ing addictive!  No, they didn’t pay me to say that.  Right now, I could brush aside piles of the most addictive drugs on this planet just to get to my precious bags of those tasty friggin badass morsels of pure joy.  My favorites are the Honey Mustard & Onion, and the Buttermilk Ranch.  It’s a toss-up for me.  Actually, I have both bags opened in front of me, typing, with a tall, cold glass of some foreign beer who’s name I cannot pronounce.  Kind of hard to type with the pretzel coating sutck on my fnginers though… doh!!!

So, my Friday ended (so far) on a good note.  I managed to knock out some hairy tasks UQJYF00Z[1]at work with a mix of scripting, pensive staring, chin rubbing and a solid dose of B-12.  Holy crap!  Did I mention what a double-dose of B-12 does to you on a good night’s sleep?  It’s like being tasered in the forehead while being held down with a 300 lb lineman wearing ice climbing boots on your face.  BOOM!  Coffee? No.  Tea?  Ha! 5-Hour  Energy Drink? Nope.  5 bottles of 5-Hour Energy Drink poured into a Monster drink with a shot of Red Bull?  Hardly, but that’s a nice try.  Mother Nature is amazing.  Daniel Tosh says she’s an old bitch trying to kill us, but I say she makes good stuff like honey, milk, sunrises and sunsets, and of course: vitamin B-12.  Bravo!

After years of installing and setting up SMS and System Center Config Mgr, I have finally crossed a threshold of being a “user” of it for almost 90 days now.  Drinking my own medicine has never tasted so good.  What an amazing product!  I liken this to being a Porsche mechanic, but only after years of working on them, finally getting to take one home to drive for a while.  Namaste Wally Mead!  (and your whole crew of course).  I’m glad I spent all those long days and nights on the beta programs.  I couldn’t say it then (NDA) but now I can finally say that I love the product.

I’m going to explode.  I need to slow down on the beer and pretzels…. whoa.

Listening to Sting’s Nothing Like the Sun at volume: 11.  I forgot how good it was.  It’s really good.  Even if I don’t care much for his “singing” voice.

CampsBaySunset[1]Today hit low 90’s F and fair humidity.  The last hurrah of Summer 2010.  Tomorrow should be nice, and then Sunday brings some rain and big drop in temperatures for the coming week.  I will probably be offline until at least Sunday afternoon or evening.  I have to wring out every last drop of Summer, my favorite season of the year.

Fall is nice, but I know what it leads to.  Spring is ok, but it teases too much.  Virginia Spring’s are usually a few days long, mostly warm/cold/warm/cold and then it drops you like a big roller coaster crop into the heat of Summer.  I shouldn’t love the sunshine so much because I have freckles and I burn, but I can’t help it.  If you ever want to find my ugly ass in person, I’m usually in a handful of places like Fort Story Beach, Mount Trashmore Park, somewhere in Town Center, at the Barnes & Noble, or riding my bike on one of the busy roads between the ocean front, General Booth blvd, Dam Neck road, and Holland road.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few beers calling me… (enjoy your weekend!)

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