Tuesday, September 21, 2010

About Me

I say the letters "C", "S", and "Z" wrong due to a car accident in 1981, in which I used a steering wheel as a teething ring. Some people notice, some don't. I really don't care.

I hate poltics. Go vote, pat yourself on the back for saving Democracy, and shut up.

I hate religious prostheltyzing. Leave me alone.

I like a lot of kinds of music from classical to rock to jazz to pop to blues to R&B to rap and metal, but very little country. I can't get enough Zappa.

I played drums professionally for ten years.

I hate terms like "God is on _our_ side", "You can't afford _not_ to" and "I _know_ that _I'm_ going to Heaven"

I graduated college in five years, going full time, while working 55-60 hour weeks and raising four children with my ass-kicking wife. Yes, I got a cookie for it. And a t-shirt.

I always try to cut some slack for children, elderly and mentally challenged. Everyone else gets zero slack from me.

I believe food should never hurt you.

You can tell everything about someone by the way they drive a car.

Lawn care is the dumbest waste of time mankind ever invented. It wastes time, energy, water, chemicals, pollutes the water system, and does nothing at all for the environment.

I don't like zoos. They're stupid.

If you go camping, fishing, hiking, boating, climbing, and are attacked by a "wild animal", you deserved it. The animal is just doing its job.

Most people care way too much about shit that has absolutely zero impact on their life or anyone they know. They just have to worry about something as a distraction from the fact that (a) they have nothing interesting to occupy their time and (b) death is inevitable.

Cars should be driven by computers, not idiot, drunk, distracted humans.

Getting dirty won't kill you. It makes you tougher.

Most people argue topics for which they don't know even half the facts. Read ALL sides before opening your mouth. Arguing on half the facts is worse than none of the facts.

If you don't know, say you don't know. Don't guess. Guessing gets people killed.

I'm convinced that everyone is prejudiced. Some are just better liars than others (to others and to themselves). It's not about skin color either. It's about dress code and posture. Face it, white folks won't panic if they pass a group of black males in suits wearing glasses. But put baggy clothes on them and have them slouch and stare in a menacing posture and they'll cross the street to go around them.

I slow down for tailgaters once. After that I stomp the breaks like a kid ran in front of me chasing a ball. I define "tailgater" as someone who follows behind you at less than a car length while you are going at least 5 mph over the posted limit.

I believe we (humans) can always do better. We choose not to.

Beer is not for those on a diet. If you worry about the calories in your beer, its time to stop drinking. It's not your sport.

I'm not impressed by tattoos or piercings. They used to matter. Now they signify discretionary income. Nothing more. I have nothing against them. I just don't pay them any attention.

I like to write programming code. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay much in these parts. So I play with other IT stuff that pays more.

I will never be able to pay off my student loans.

Some say the "American Food" is the Hamburger, Hot Dog or Pizza. I say it is breakfast cereal.

Most people don't give a crap what I think.
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