Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Americans Can't Drive for Shit and What Can Be Done to Fix It

The real reason Americans can't drive is that they hold NO value for a driver's license.  They are way to easy and cheap to obtain, so they have no value.  It takes too many violations to suspend or revoke one also.  How many times do we all hear the news report about a drunk driver killing someone and then they tell us the driver had a history of drunk driving?

How this dilemna can be fixed:
  • Make a driver's license more expensive to obtain.  Maybe $500
  • Make the driver's test much more difficult and lengthy.
  • Make it a moving violation to toss trash from any vehicle (moving or not)
  • Issue them on a one year probationary period.  ANY moving violation revokes them.
  • Allow ten (10) non-moving and (3) moving violations per driver lifetime.  Revoke the license when either limit is reached
This will absolutely NEVER happen.  Why?  Because car manufacturers, car dealers, gas stations, oil companies, tire companies, auto parts vendors, would all stand to lose money.  It's in their interest to keep the roads filled with drivers, no matter how badly they operate deadly machinery.
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