Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Headaches: Windows Server 2008 R2 + WSUS + zzzzz

No sleep.  Been up beating my head against a wall but finally found some relief.

My lone WS08R2 domain controller/WSUS host was having issues.  It would go into perpetual "downloading updates" when doing either manual update check against MS-Updates, but the status always said 0%.  I could let it run for days and it wouldn't get beyond that.  So I ran across this article, and it helped.

Basically: Stop the BITS and Crypto services, then stop Update Service.  Then rename \Windows\catroot2 to catroot2.old and SoftwareUpdates to SoftwareUpdates.old.  Then restart the services and run an update check.  Ba-da-bing!  It worked!

However, I'm still having an issue with the Server Manager failing to display Roles or Features.  It tries to enumerate them and fails with a useless error.  The Windows Modules Installer service keeps stopping also for no apparent reason.   Still digging.  But I'm going to bed for now.  Screw this.

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