Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Prez-o-dent

Politically speaking, because I once read something with the word "politics" in it years ago, it seems like a very bad idea for a president to endorse a Mosque at ground zero for two reasons: it only helps polarize and anger an already divided constituency, and it doesn't help already-strained relations with Israel, one of our only real allies in the Middle East.  At best, I would think he should have stayed clear of the whole issue.  

But regardless, I say again: Is this the most important issue we have to face right now?  I mean, is the economy all patched up and looking good?  Are we safe from terrorism yet?  Are we driving electric cars and trucks yet and giving the middle finger to OPEC?  Are our kids graduating from school at pace or ahead of other countries?

All of this stupid concern over gay marriage, health care and bank bail-outs seems to give the message that all of the other issues are done.  There's nothing else more important, or even AS important to address?  Really?!

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure gay marriage and health care are important to a lot of people.  But when there's not enough jobs to keep us moving forward it seems like we're worrying about a split toenail when we have a gaping wound and losing blood.  Let's fix the BIG issues FIRST, and THEN move on to the lesser issues.  It seems we are letting the news media dictate what WE feel is top priority, rather than assessing the issues OURSELVES and making this determination.  Our priorities are upside down.
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