Friday, May 7, 2010

Chainsaw Brain Extraction vs Saying “A-hole”

I searched, but I cannot seem to find a comprehensive table that defines or describes what is “ok” and what is “not” when it comes to movies shown on basic cable.  So, based on what I’ve seen from watching movies on FX, USA, AMC, A&E and so on, particularly over the past 5 years, here’s what I’ve deduced.

Action/Verbage Basic Premium
Brains Splattered OK OK
Machine-Gun Body Damage OK OK
Nude Female Breasts NOT OK OK
Nude Female Buttocks NOT OK OK
Heavy French Kissing NOT OK OK
Implied Intercourse After 9 OK
Violent Stabbing and Blood OK OK
Limbs Chopped Off OK OK
Beheading with Fixed Weapon OK OK
Beheading with Chainsaw OK OK
Head Crushed, Close-Up OK OK
Saying “asshole” NOT OK OK
Saying “fuck” NOT OK OK
Saying “ass” NOT OK OK
Saying “pussy” NOT OK OK
Saying “the N-word” NOT OK** OK
Showing Drugs Injected NOT OK OK
Showing Drugs Smoked NOT OK OK
Showing Social Liquor Drinking NOT OK OK

** Unless the person saying it is black


The message is crystal clear: Violence, killing and graphic body damage are not only “ok” but encouraged.  Sex, graphic intimacy and drug use are discouraged.

Kids: Any questions?

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